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Top Chef All-Stars - Ep. #9 - 02/09/11 (Spoilers)

LindaWhit | Feb 9, 201106:24 PM

Hey everyone! It's Jimmy Fallon's birthday! Woo hoo! We get to watch him and his family celebrate! Oh wait - that was 3 months or more ago. Oh well. :-)

In the bar after last week's show, some of them give congrats to Antonia on her win. Dale knew his dish was NOT good and he could have gone home; Fabio and Antonia argue about her mussels and whether they were Italian or not. Mike was a jerk to Antonia, as usual.

They arrive at the TC kitchen, and see FONDUE pots! Richard says "When I think of fondue, I think of bell bottoms, fields, and .... I don't know - being naked?"

Padma says they are to create a unique fondue - and the cheftestants are their own judges - they'll taste everything and then judge each other by choosing a Favorite and Least Favorite. They *cannot* vote for themselves, and there's no immunity. The winner, however, will get a 3-day trip to Napa Valley.

Padma had said this isn't the bananas in chocolate type of fondue - but of course, Richard goes that way - but with a Richard Twist!

Dale does an Asian version - as he puts it, a "Pho-due". :-) His actually sounds very good!

For the tasting, Mike and Padma had a little funny - Padma was having difficulty eating Tiffany's Apple Fritters dipped in chocolate, and Mike said something along the lines of "you'll get dirty!" Padma laughs and said "I think I've done it." (Didn't she do a sexy burger commercial?)

Least Favorite - Fabio, Tiffany, and Mike. And Mike actually calls Dale an "effing monkey" for voting him into the bottom? Holy crap.

Favorites - Antonia, Dale and Angelo - Richard's bummed he didn't get in the top group. The winner is Dale!

Padma sends them off to Rockefeller Center, and they walk into Jimmy Fallon's show for ... CELL PHONE SHOOTOUT! They have to pull out their cell phones and take a picture of a lot of pictures that flash by on a screen when Jimmy says "shoot!". That is what they'll have to cook for his birthday dinner at Colicchio & Sons the next day.

Antonia - Beef Tongue (she went with a sandwich preparation)
Fabio - Burger (Booger!) and Fries
Carla - Chicken Pot Pie (LOVED her silly dance - she was thrilled to get what she wanted!)
Tiffany - Southwestern Chicken & Dumplings
Richard - Ramen Noodles
Dale - Philly Cheesesteak
Angelo - Pulled Pork
Mike - Sausage & Peppers

They are told that Jimmy Fallon doesn't like mayonnaise, eggplant, or mushrooms - AND that Jimmy's family will be there at the party as well. This will be interesting! The next day, they show up to cook at Colicchio & Sons. Richard helps Antonia with pressure cooking her beef tongue. Mike says he wouldn't have helped. Figures. Dale said watching Carla is like watching a chicken with it's head cut off- she's crazy all over the place!

Tom, Gail and Jimmy are the judges.

Fabio's burger gets meh reviews. Tom doesn't like the "cheese stuff" alongside the burger.

Antonia's Beef tongue gets rave reviews. Richard's Ramen is probably in the middle, as is maybe Tiffany's Chicken & Dumplings. Dale's Cheesesteaks seem like they're going to be great, but Fallon said the Salt Monster invaded - and Dale *underseasoned* his dish last week - rut roh!

But Carla - knocked it out of the park with her Chicken Pot Pie - Yay, Carla! Angelo's Pulled Pork seemed to be enjoyed a lot, and Mike's Sausage and Peppers was well received.

And at the end the cheftestants bring out a birthday cake for Jimmy Fallon, and he says the winner of the challenge will get a cooking segment on Late Night! Very cool! Oh, can you IMAGINE if Carla wins? LOL

The in-between had a funny story about Jimmy Fallon being asked by Food & Wine for a recipe from his mother - she gives him a cheesecake recipe, which F&W loves! They ask if she got it from a specific source, and when his mother looks it up.....she got it from Food & Wine. :-)

OK, we're back at Judges Table...Padma comes in to ask for Carla, Antonia and Antonio! Looks like they're in the top group! Angelo's flavors stunned Tom Colicchio, saying the flavors shouldn't work, but they did. Jimmy and Carla go into a whole spiel about a bottom crust - Jimmy said if there's no bottom crust, he's outta there! He also noted that he knew she had made the dish with LOVE! Carla's specialty. :-) They were all impressed with Antonia's beef tongue as well, and Angelo said they had come up with a beef tongue song the night before. Gail asks them to perform it, and OMG, the BEEF TONGUE SONG is hysterical!

The winner is Carla! YAY!!!!!! This is her THIRD win! And she gets a 6 night trip to Tokyo, and $5000 for airfare! Wow. I would fully expect to see her and Jimmy Fallon do the Carla Dance on his show when she appears. :-)

Tiffany, Fabio and Dale are in the bottom group. WHOA. Is this the end of Dale with the Salt Monster?

Tiffany's Chicken & Dumplings didn't have the doughy dumpling Jimmy was looking for, as well as masking the flavors with the Southwestern flavors she put into it and being a soup with flat noodles. Fabio's burger was more like meatloaf, and Tom brought up the cheese sauce again. "Salt lick on top of salt lick" was Gail's comment about Dale's Philly Cheesesteak.

The judges go through their thoughts on all dishes - I can't figure out who it's going to be, but it *seems* to be leaning towards Dale. Are the Elves faking us out, and it's going to be Fabio with his curdled cheese sauce and meatloaf burger?

OK, we're back. Serious judges, serious cheftestants. Tom goes through his brief overview of how they did....and it's Fabio who's gone! Awwwww...I'll miss his silly comments. He says to the camera "Jimmy, I'll go on your show and cook you a Booger and you'll fall on your knees and BEG my forgiveness!"

And when he's packing his knives, he gives a pep talk to anyone coming into this country to just go for it - "You are the only shadow standing in your sunshine."

And NEXT week seems to be the Sesame Street challenge that we've always been wondering about!

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