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Top Chef Masters Ep. 9, spoilers


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Top Chef Masters Ep. 9, spoilers

Joanie | Jun 9, 2011 03:59 AM

Wow, I'm really the first to post? Hmm, what do I remember. The quickfire was to cook a dish while giving your unseen partner instructions on how to do it and get them to be as similar as possible. Naomi/dad, Flloyd/sis, Traci/bro and Mary Sue/sis. I can not believe none of them recognized their own relative's voice. I know it was an odd situation and it seemed to be loud, but really? Naomi was kind of yelling at dad but only the other chefs were phased by it. Traci won w/ a fish dish, Naomi second with eggs.

The EC was to cook for an armed forces person home on leave. Naomi had a Hawaiian guy, Floyd had someone with boring tastes as did Traci, Mary Sue had the guy from Guatemala (right?). And like 400 other people, with no help. How is that even possible? Floyd was worried about doing tenderloin for a buffet but it looked great to me. Naomi had all sorts of things going on, very adventurous. Mary Sue did a nice rib dish and Traci did some supposedly different version of meat loaf but that plate looked boring as anything. I really thought it was between her and Floyd going home cuz the judges expected more, even tho Floyd's guy loved it and gave him a coin in some army tradition. So who do they send home? Naomi. She had underdone shrimp and they say she tried to do too much. I think they were just afraid to send Traci home cuz of her reputation or something. C'mon look at that boring plate. Yes she made what the guy wanted but there was no pizazz to it. I would have fallen asleep eating it. She should have gone, I'm disappointed to see Naomi leave.

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