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Top Chef - D.C. - Ep. #8 - 08/04/10 (Spoilers)


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Top Chef - D.C. - Ep. #8 - 08/04/10 (Spoilers)

LindaWhit | Aug 4, 2010 06:24 PM

Just a note about Pea-Gate - there are 581 comments on Tom's blog about last week's episode as of the end of tonight's episode. I have to believe that's a record! And Alex is still claiming that he had no idea that Ed had a pea purée. Liar.

Two MAJOR judges on this episode of TC7....Marcus Samuelsson and José Andrés. For the Quickfire, they're charged with creating an Ethiopian-inspired dish. Samuelsson is obviously judging the QF. :-) Samuelsson explains what is important in Ethiopian food - the spicing, injera bread, the various meats. The cheftestants have a lot to choose from from the TC table - goat, lamb, spices, injera.

Amanda seemed to please Padma and Marcus, as did Angelo; and Kenny did another duo. What a surprise.

Whose dish did they not like? Kevin, Stephen, and Alex.

Which were the favorites? Amanda's goat dish, Angelo, and Tiffany. Who is the winner and who gets immunity? Tiffany! She wins one! Her's was the last dish Samuelsson tasted, and he wanted to go back for more and more. Good for her.

For the EC, they must serve dishes inspired by a foreign embassy. The cuisines are:

Brazil - Stephen ("I didn't even know they had a cuisine!")
China - Ed
Italy - Kelly
France - Amanda
India - Kevin (he's never made Indian food - chooses to make his own curry spice mix)
Mexico - Tiffany
Thailand - Kenny
Spain - Alex
Japan - Angelo

One hundred portions of their country's dish are to be served to "diplomats, ambassadors, and world dignitaries." They won't have any kitchens to use; only chafing dishes using Sterno.

They're back at the house after Prep, and Kelly gets a care package from her husband - stuffed animals...and a bottle of Jack Daniels. That'll get put to good use. :-)

The next day, they're in a gorgeous space and they have 30 minutes to lay out their dishes and plates and reheat their dishes if they need to. Tiffany is WAY behind in her final prep and is finishing up just at the end of the clock.

Kelly gets good reviews for her carpaccio; Ed's tea-smoked duck doesn't get as good reviews as I'm sure he hopes. Kevin's Indian dish is enjoyed; but Stephen's Brazilian beef doesn't fare well, nor does Alex's Spanish dishes. Not good with José Andrés there.

For the next round of dishes, Amanda's beef bourguignon was a bit dry; Angelo's Japanese dish gets good and fair reviews; Tiffany's chicken tamales were VERY well received, and Kenny's Thai green curry dish was well liked.

ROFL! In the brief in-between-commercials interlude back at the TC House, Angelo Saran Wrapped the men's toilet and Stephen comes up a little tipsy and ends up peeing on the wrap and the floor. Little boys and their silly games. ;-)

Padma asks to see Kelly, Kevin and Tiffany - and they're in the Top Group. All three get very good reviews - really, none of the judges had any issues with any of the dishes. Who's the winner? The best dish of their representative country is Tiffany - she gets a double win! Woo-Hoo!!! And a SURPRISE for her win - she'll get $10,000! Her upcoming wedding is paid for so this is gravy! LOL TC will also be matching that $10K with a donation in Tiffany's name to DC Central Kitchen, a charity favored by Andrés.

Alex, Stephen and Ed are in the Bottom Group. Stephen's dish was dry, rice was overcooked, and the chimichurri sauce was Argentinian, not Brazilian (and overly garlicky, per Gail Simmons). Alex's Spanish dish was a disappointment to José Andrés, and Tom clearly didn't like it. As for Ed's tea-smoked duck - Andrés had a good comment - Ed overpromised and underdelivered. Underseasoned, and no real crispy skin, as he hadn't rendered the fat.

I'm thinking that either Stephen or Alex might be going home. Andrés really seemed to dislike Alex's attempt at Spanish tapas.

So who's outta here? Stephen's gone. Alex lives another day. Shoot.

And Whoa! Major drama next week between Angelo and Alex - looks like Alex really sets Angelo off by being incompetent (or Angelo's temper gets the best of him? I'm thinking the former :::grin:::) And it looks like RESTAURANT WARS next week, as perhaps Kelly is leader for one team as she's in civilian dress back in the kitchen? Can't wait - RW is always a good episode.

Just checked the episode listing for next week - yup - it's Restaurant Wars. Speaker Pelosi (UGH!) and Frank Bruni are guest judges.

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