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Top Chef - Beach Episode

wingman | Dec 7, 2006 02:35 PM

Finally an episode that was more on food than on drama. I think this was the first time this season where the editing let us see the thought process behind the dishes and made it alot easier to understand why people were succesful and why other people were not.

Some random thoughts from the episode, I think it's time the show puts a ban on all Napoleans - NOT ONE HAS WORKED YET! It was unusual that 3 of the stronger chefs were in the bottom 3 and I was surprised that Frank went home after his stellar display in the quickfire challenge - the judging seemed to fairly inconsistent as it appeared they took Sam and Cliff's full body of work into account where in other weeks they strictly said they would not do that. I was more surprised that Elia won over Mia for the full win; yes her dish looked tasty but they also said Mia's dish was well prepared and had great flavor - I thought the comments of the surfers would have put Mia's dish over the top.

Lastly, I think it became apparent why everyone on the show hates Marcel. I was actually watching the show at my sister's apartment last night (her roommate was watching it for the firs time) and by the end of the epsiode she said "what the hell is wrong with that guy," after seeing him flirt with the 14 year olds he is unquestionably annoying as hell.

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