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Tomatoes: What Are People Growing This Year?


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Tomatoes: What Are People Growing This Year?

Bob W. | May 6, 2002 11:53 AM

This will of course depend where you live.

I'm in the DC area.

I have given up on Brandywines and their relatives. I have tried Brandywines, Red Brandywines, and Black Brandywines, and none of them produced enough fruit to justify a return engagement in the garden. There's also a White Brandywine but enough is enough.

We again got our plants from DiBaggio Herbs in Chantilly, an amazing place.

This year's lineup is:

Sungold (hybrid; holdover from last year): A can't-miss orange/yellow grape tomato. Sweet as can be.

Enchantment (hybrid; newcomer): Nice name. We'll see what it produces.

Big Girl (hybrid; newcomer): yet another variation on the Big Boy, Better Boy, etc. beefsteak family. They all do great around here. I'm expecting a massive crop from this one.

German (heirloom): an old-timer that I'm finally getting around to trying.

Zatopec Pink Ribbed, or something like that (heirloom; newcomer): This is one of this "gotta try it" tomatoes. DiBaggio's catalog says it produces "triangular, pleated" tomatoes. And it's from Mexico, so I'm expecting it to do well in hot weather.

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