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Today's First Disaster


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Today's First Disaster

mamachef | Nov 25, 2010 09:48 AM

Oy Veh. I whomped up a great huge bowl of pumpkin pie filling, and made half into a pie and half into pumpkin crack. Slid it all neatly into the oven, and looked over at the, ahem, full spice-mix bowl and unopened sugar bag. Sent Mr. to the corner store, and he came back with pineapple (?) cake mix because that's what they have. While I was attempting a remix, I looked down and saw that I was working with pumpkin pie FILLING, and had to adjust, immediately. Glad I hadn't incorporated all those eggs yet. I'm starting to think, a 10$ pumpkin pie is just not worth the trouble.
How's your day been, so far?

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