Tin lined copper, the inevitable and rules of thumb


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Tin lined copper, the inevitable and rules of thumb

HalifaxJ | Dec 29, 2011 10:17 PM


I don't buy sets of anything, since I believe that each piece of cookware has a specific purpose and ideal use. I have stainless steel, enameled cast iron and cast iron cookware that I use for various purposes. This is mostly a result of me buying one piece a year for the past ten years since it's all I could afford while in University. The other day I saw a 9" Baumalu 2mm copper pan, tin lined, on sale for 25$. Naturally I bought it. This being said, and in the spirit of using cookware within their "comfort zone";

1. What are the best uses of tin line copper pans? I generally use my cast iron for searing, or my SS if I plan to make an acidic pan sauce.
2. What are the general cleaning guidelines? Is regular dish soap mild enough for the tin?
3. What cooking practices do you use in terms of heating and cooking? Do I add the oil before it's heated? After like I would in SS?
4. Are they non stick? How do they handle eggs?

Looking for people with experience. I hope to pick up a few more pieces - they look great next to my carbon steel Sabatiers.


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