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The Tim Tam Slam: Thoughts on Variations?

moh | Mar 8, 2008 11:49 AM

So my parents were kind enough to bring about 30 boxes of Tim Tams on their last visit, and all of our Tim-Tam loving friends are going into chocolate and caffeine overload. Lots of very buzzy people here in Montreal right now.

I am a classicist on this matter, and love sucking up really great expresso (Thanks Caffe in Gamba!) with my Tim Tam. But I have also tried regular tea, and it is an acceptable substitute when I decide I really need to sleep at night. One of my friends got a craving late at night, and tried it with hot milk, which sounds soothing and delicious! Any other liquids that you have tried and loved?

To Tim-Tam newbies: You musty search out this cookie and try the Tim Tam Slam! Tim Tams are an Australian wafer cookie covered in chocolate: see this description of the Tim Tam slam:


There is no substitute if you like gooey chocolatey coffee treats! No other cookie quite behaves like this. Tim Tams on their own are rather pedestrian, but in a Tim Tam Slam, well, heavenly...

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