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Threads revolving around safe food handling

joe777cool | Nov 19, 201109:10 AM

"This website is all about opinions, on restaurants, food, recipes, and other food related topics where there really isnt a right and wrong answer. When it comes to safe food handling and foodbourne illness there is actual SCIENCE that we can look to. Some choose not to, citing other countries, past generational experiences, and "cultural hysteria."

I would advocate that chowhound make this a topic that is off limits as there really isnt anything to "debate." Furthermore people giving opinions to others that directly flies in the face of safe food handling practices is dangerous and akin to people asking medical advice to strangers online."

Not much to add to what I already posted, I just dont feel that serious matters such as these should be discussed with such casualness. If someone has a concern with something that could impact their health or that of others, they should consult a doctor or the department of health, not a website full of strangers.

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