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Theory about rise in gluten sensitivity/celiac?

rockandroller1 | Mar 9, 201208:46 AM

I went to a foodie type talk last night and the chef on the panel was talking a lot about grains, and passionately exploring getting back to real grains, like the corn the Indians grew (and sold to Italy, which is why their polenta is better than ours, because we don't have the same kind of corn anymore). During Q&A someone asked about whether or not he had a theory about the rise in gluten intolerance and Celiac and he theorized that it's because of the introduction of something called "dwarf wheat," which is a shorter and sturdier wheat that was developed by 1 guy and is now basically ALL the wheat in the country. It doesn't get too tall so it doesn't fall over and die and kill the wheat crops. But it also has like 20x the gluten than real wheat. He said that perhaps over a long, long period of time, our bodies could have adapted to this, but not in the 20 or 30 years since this has become the only type available, and that this is why so many people have a problem. Not science by any means, just his personal theory.

Do any of my fellow hounds have more information about this type of wheat or any theories as to whether or not this could indeed be a major contributing factor? Just curious what you all think. I found it intriguing, and no, I do not have a gluten problem. OTOH I don't eat a lot of bread, though i do eat pasta regularly.

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