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A Thanksgiving Departure


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A Thanksgiving Departure

John Tracey | Oct 30, 2000 08:02 AM

Thought it would be nice this year to skip the 72-hour Thanksgiving warmup, all-day cook-a-thon, and two-day cleanup by suggesting that we join together (both sets of in-laws) and eat at a great restaurant instead. We did Thanksgiving at our place last year, and, while it was fun and the food was pretty darn good, we definitely need a year (or two) off.

My parents loved the idea.

My wife's mother, on the other hand, called the idea "ridiculous" (her approach to dispute resolution will have to remain a topic for another day), "absurd" and said "no way." She said "every house should smell like turkey on Thanksgiving." My feeling is that it has smelled like turkey for many decades and will continue to do so ... next year ... and ... wouldn't this be a nice change, to be able to spend the time talking instead of trying to keep up with 16 guests in a house that fits 8? And wouldn't it be nice for my mother-in-law to see what moist turkey breasts and properly cooked vegetables taste like? (I didn't say that -- you caught me.)

I had already felt a little odd about it for another reason -- that there may be something a little unsavory about spending a holiday being waited on by strangers who probably want to eat at home themselves; and that a restaurant owner ought to do better by his or her people and give them the day off for God's sake. (Danny Meyer did this last New Year's Eve, I think.) But that's probably just the socialist in me crying out.

Sigh ... nothing is simple. I've greated "Turkeygate 2000" with the best intentions.

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