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Dennis | Sep 2, 2001 07:38 AM


In my geographical area, I have been noticing an interesting trend which has been growing for the past two years.

There has been an explosion of small Thai and Vietnamese restaurants opening up in our area, usually in little nooks and crannies of small and obscure outdoor shopping centers.

I have been making a point to try each one of these new restaurants. More often than not, I am pleasantly surprised. Some of them are truly excellent and would rival any of the Thai and Vietnamese restaurants I have tried in New York or elsewhere.

However, they never seem to do a lot of business. I ride by one of these restaurants and see hardly any cars parked out front. I go inside and maybe there's one or two other customers. But this is certainly not a reflection on the quality of the food.

Our area is not exactly a model of sophistication when it comes to food. Most people in our area, for example, tend to judge the quality of a Chinese restaurant by the quality of its sweet and sour pork.
They would feel totally lost while perusing a menu of Thai or Vietnamese offerings.

Some of these places survive. Some do not.

In any event, as a lover of Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, I am very pleased with this trend. I just wish these restaurants got more support.

Has anybody else here noticed a similar trend in their area?


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