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Thai Cuisine [split from Midwest]

yummyrice | Aug 13, 200904:53 PM

>>>"Other menu items were borrowed from Thailand and Vietnam. They included Thai red, green and Masaman curry and Pho from Vietnam. There's also a Hmong sausage which is another choice close to Hmong cuisine. All the same price range. It was a pleasant outing -- the people working there were quite friendly. "

Thanks for sharing your reviews with us. I would like to add a few things to your post. It's a common misconception that those red, green, massaman, and penang curries came from Thailand,

Those coconut-milk based curries are popular throughout SE Asia. Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and other countries have red and green curries, so it's not just Thailand. The Thai people popularized those curries in Western countries as "Thai" curries, but this doesn't mean that they were the ones who invented those curries. =)

In addition, Massaman and Penang curries are actually Malaysian dishes created by Muslims. Penang is actually a city in Malaysia. Anyway, it always makes me giggle whenever I hear people mention Thai cuisine rather than Malaysian cuisine when discussing Massaman or Penang curry. To me, that's kind of like referring to Chinese cuisine when discussing sushi. Massaman and Penang curries are from Malaysia.

Anyway, you're correct that Larb is a dish that originated in Laos. The Hmong are also from Laos so it's no surprise that they also eat Larb and Lao sausage.

I realize that many of the members on this site are Westerners and it's good to see people wanting to learn more about SE Asian cuisines, but please realize that just because many of the chowhounds on here had been exposed to the foods in Thailand first does not mean that those dishes originated from Thailand. Standard Thai restaurants around the world typically serve Laotian, Malaysian, Indonesian, and Chinese dishes in addition to their own native Thai dishes, but many foreigners are not familiar enough with the cuisines of SE Asia that they don't realize the diversity in "Thai" restaurant staples. I don't blame you for thinking that those dishes are "Thai" because you're probably not from SE Asia (well this is just my assumption), but I just wanted chowhounds to realize the diversity in SE Asian cuisines. Thailand is just one country out of the many SE Asian countries. Other SE Asian countries also eat those types of curries. That Hmong owner is from Laos and we also have curries in Laos. =)

On a different note, Pho/Feu is the result of French and Chinese influence. This dish is served in Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, but I believe it's known by a different name in Cambodia. Pho/Feu means something like "fire" in the French language. Thailand also has a similar dish to Pho/Feu, but it's known by a different name in the Thai language.

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