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Texas sushi etiquette question & recommendations


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Texas sushi etiquette question & recommendations

soapgirl | Oct 6, 2006 03:16 PM

OK... so a question about Sushi edicate here in Texas... I am used to sitting at the sushi bar and ordering from the chef... we talk, he tells me what is fresh, we laugh, share sake. But here (Sushi Sam's, Kobeya, Cowtown Sushi) I find these little slips of paper all over the bar, the sushi chef never looks up and I am completely lost as to what I am supposed to do. Now deduction tells me that I am supposed to fill out that little slip of paper with what I want... But how do I know what I want unless I talk to the chef? And what if I want more? What if he wants to recommend something special??

I also understand that Piranha Sushi is supposed to be good?

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