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OK Texans-who will share their BBQ Brisket secrets [Moved from Texas board]

JennyHunter | May 21, 2008 08:43 AM

I usually post to the HomeCooking board, but thought I would go right to the source!

I went to wedding in central Texas last summer and the best smoked brisket and sausage I've ever tasted at the rehearsal dinner. I tried to get the recipe from the cook (Who was a friend of the family) but he wouldn't tell me anything. I live outside of Washington DC and have ordered 2 whole briskets from my local butcher to do this weekend for memorial day and need advice on how long to smoke, the rub, a sauce.... I usually only smoke pulled pork shoulders for sandwiches.

Also, the sausage was unlike any sausage I'd ever tasted. From what I have read over the last few days it might have been beef/pork mixture? I remember it having tremendous flavor. I'm not sure I could even find a product like that in this neck of the woods. Any good mail order services?

Finally, the potato salad served wasn't like potato salad I am used to either. It didn't seem to have much in it other than potatoes and onion - and was a little yellowish/orange in color. It must be typical to Texas b/c the same thing was served when I ordered BBQ on our way home at the Austin Airport.

Lots of questions - but my mouth is watering for that meal!!!!

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