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Krys | May 9, 2005 02:29 AM

This year I moved to an area with a lot of nice mom and pop places, but very little high end dining.

It is time to move from eating pig’s feet to eating high on the hog for a while. So I plan to do a tasting menu crawl of restaurants I’ve been reading about for years.

I am a little intimidated reading some of the past posts. Is there anything I should consider? Do they give you a menu with the dishes of the night or just announce each course? I don’t eat fois gras. Do I tell them that at reservation time or when I get there.

I’m planning on eating out on Thursday nights. My thought is Friday/Saturday, too busy. The rest of the week too slow.

Any special etiquette considerations?

Ok, I DID do one tasting menu at French Laundry with a group of Chowhounds (that was a tasting menu, wasn’t it?) However, I just sat back while others were in charge.

Or should I just skip it and order off the regular menu as this article suggests.

Really, this isn’t my style, but I think I should experience a few and stop making fun of what I don’t know about. If it’s a disaster, well, at least the posts about the experience should be entertaining.

I only have one friend so far who will do this with me for one dinner. Can you do tasting menus alone?


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