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Re-tasting some German summer Weisses


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Re-tasting some German summer Weisses

TombstoneShadow | Jul 9, 2013 09:27 PM

What better summer undertaking than a blind tasting of some German weisse beers? So it's 101 F outside and I gather up a few of my past favorites for an impromptu tasting. Focused on hefe-weisses this time: Ayinger, Paulaner, and Weihenstephaner... All 3 tasted blind.

Brew #1: First notes are "very pleasant... light creamy texture... nothing particularly memorable, though pleasant. definitely summer material..."

Brew #2: "A little drier and punchier than Brew 1... not crazy about the taste... In comparison it brings out very slight lemony notes in Brew 1..."

Brew #3: "Mild clove notes up front..."

Concluding notes: Brew #2 is decidedly least favorite. 1 and 3 are about a tie, neither seems great... slight edge to 1 perhaps....

Now check the codes....
Brew 1: Ayinger
Brew 2: Paulaner
Brew 3: Weihenstephaner

What I found interesting about this is that in years past these have consistently been 3 of my favorite hefe-weisses. But a lot of that tasting was on draft at one of the (world's frankly) best german pubs... These were from bottles... I'm surprised at least one of them didn't really stand out...

.... to be continued. Intend to continue this with some more hefes, some Urs, some Kristalls...

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