Tangine - worth the money?


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Tangine - worth the money?

Daniellabelle | Dec 9, 2008 02:41 PM

Hi everybody--forgive me if this has been posted before, but I looked around and didn't find it, so here goes :)

My boyfriend REALLY wants a tangine for x-mas, after seeing it used on Iron Chef America so many times--he's convinced himself that he's got to have one. I've been thinking about getting him one for christmas, but I want to know if its worth the few hundred I'm planning to drop on it.
He's a very spoiled boy, but I'd hate to buy him something he uses once and it hides in the cupboard forever (especially since it's so big)

I know its used mostly for Moroccan food/stew, but does it have other uses? Can those Moroccan foods be cooked in another type of dish?

What are your experiences? Any advice or groovy recipes? Thanks!!


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