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Taco filling translations


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Taco filling translations

rworange | Aug 10, 2005 12:34 AM

Not comprehensive, but some of the taco fillings I saw in a recent taco crawl. Good link to Mexican food terms at the end.

There are some odd balls in the list like Jamon Cocinado and Chile Verde.

Even though I worked in Mexico City for a year ... I was WORKING. When I ate, I focused on tortas. So, going into my crawl I was clueless about many of these terms. I heard them, I just wasn't sure what they were EXACTLY.

So, for anyone as clueless as me, here they are. I hope those more in the know will let me know if I have any of this wrong.

AL CARBÓN - charbroiled meats.
AL PASTOR – marinated pork cooked on vertical spits like Mid-Eastern shawerma, although it is just usually marinated pork that is fried, baked or roasted.
AL VAPOR - steamed meat, often from a cow or goat's head
BARBACOA – slow-cooked shredded beef or lamb. It is usually meat from the head. Originally the head was placed in a pit lined with coals. Now it is usually steamed
BIRRIA – slow cooked meat that is stew-like
BUCHE - pig's stomach
CABAZA – beef head
CARNE ASADA – grilled beef
CARNE MOLIDA – ground beef
CARNITAS – Pieces of pork slow-cooked, then fried;
CHICARONNES – fried pork skins
CHILI COLORADO - red chili sauce often with beef
CHILE VERDE – green chili sauce meat can be anything but usually chicken
CHORIZO – crumbly Mexican pork sausage
DESEBRADA – shredded beef
JAMON COCINADO – cooked ham / pork
LENGUA – tongue, or as one menu listed, bovine tongue
POLLO – chicken
POLLO ASADO – grilled chicken
SESOS – beef brains
SUADERO – rose meat – Probably beef. See this Chowhound link for some ideas
TRIPITAS – fried tripe (usually the lining of a cow’s stomach. Can be pig or sheep)

Other translations

Cebollitas - Green onions or scallions
zanahorias en escabeche – marinated sliced carrots usually with onions, and oregano

The following link, while not comprehensive, has some other Mexican food terms and background. There is a nice list of antojitos.


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