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Swish by Han Auto-Gratuity [moved from Ontario]


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Swish by Han Auto-Gratuity [moved from Ontario]

urbancoupleto | Jan 24, 2013 07:27 PM

Just had dinner at Swish by Han. We made a reservation for 6 but only 5 people could make it. We aren't told either when making the reservation or on arrival that they do an auto-gratuity.

When we finish our meal and are given our bill, she mentions gratuity has been added. I found it quite weird since we were only 5 people and it's normally only added for groups of 6 or 8.

I ask the server why we had a gratuity of 22.5% added onto our bill. She mentioned that for parties of 6+ they add exactly a 20% gratuity (it was 22.5%, I recalculated it twice). I told her that only our reservation was for 6, they didn't end up serving 6 people. That didn't make a difference to her. The auto-grat depends on your reservation size apparently.

I could maybe understand this more if they were losing customers because we made a reservation for more people than actually showed up, but the restaurant was about 1/2 - 3/4 full all night so that wasn't the case.

She then showed me on the menu the fine print stating gratuity is added for groups of 6+. NOT reservations of 6+, and NOT 22.5%!!!! Their auto-grat % could be fully discretionary and they could just toss out a random rate.

Has anybody else come across this? This just seemed like a total scam. We should have been told this from the start and weren't.

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