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Swindled Spoon Thai Style


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Swindled Spoon Thai Style

Peter Borden | Jun 13, 2003 12:30 AM

I don't usually post much at all but felt my experience today at Spoon Thai warranted it.

I had never been there before and should have been at least a little concerned about the inability to communicate following the first phone conversation I had with them:

Me: "How late are you open for lunch?"
ST: "Oh...Uh...Mm"
Me: "Hmmm...So how late are you open for lunch?"
ST: "Oh...Uh...Mm...One more time"
Me (slowly): "How late are you open for lunch?"
ST: ""
Me: "Oh, no. How late are you open for lunch? Not when do you open"
ST: "Um...Mm...ok...bye bye" CLICK.

Now, part of this and of the following can be written off to my own stupidity, I guess. Like, for example, I should have known, I guess, that unlike a lot of restaurants, ST doesn't take a break between lunch and dinner. Anyway, onwards...

So three of us show up for what ends up being a series of variouls bunglings and miscommunications. First, I ask them repeatedly to bring the thai-language menu. They don't. Second, I ask them how much a number of dishes cost, considering neither their "Chicago Tribune Suggested" menu nor their daily specials list any prices. These questions are only greeted by blank stares from the waitress so I decide to forge ahead. After all, how expensive can it be? This was my first mistake. Third, after ordering a couple things for the group--the catfish salad, fish custard, lamb neek (or whatever its called), and crocadile--I stop, thinking that this is more than enough for myself, as a rather large guy, and my two petite female companions. I ask the waitress what she thinks. She responds by shaking her head and insisting I will need to order more. Guess the portions are small, I think to myself. Second mistake. "What would you suggest?" "This soup and the duck curry" "Ok, get us those."

About ten minutes later a long procession of food begins. Outside of all you can eat buffets, I have NEVER seen that much food in front of me. I will be eating duck and crocadile for the next week. And, mind you, everything was excellent. The food was right on (strangely, I did think it could have been a bit spicier, though). As a sidenote, I might mention that I felt much more comfortable in the welcoming atmosphere of Thai Aree, but that's beside the point. So far, I was left quite pleased, everything was amazing. That is, until the waitress brought the bill--$71. After the 10% or so tip, which I probably should have omitted altogether, it was killer. I flipped, but realizing they wouldn't understand me anyway we just decided to take the leftovers and cut our losses. I have considered writing them a complaint letter, but they probably wouldn't understand that either. I'd write more about my impressions of the individual dishes here, but the bill suceeded in souring my experience. I will be hard pressed to ever find myself going there again...

So, if you're reading this and thinking about going, try to learn from our mistakes so you won't be screwed Spoon Thai style.


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