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Help: Where to after Sweet'n Tart?


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Help: Where to after Sweet'n Tart?

wanderlustnyer | Sep 1, 2006 06:29 AM

Hey, this is my first post on Chowhound so please be gentle.

Now that Sweet'n Tarts are done in Manhattan I'm in panic mode. Yes it's not that cheap and yes it's not that consistant. But for years I'd been counting on it for a clean environment, a good cup of tea, some simple and subtle dishes like watercress shrimp dumpling, chicken with chive and mushroom. Where to now? I beg for an answer.

But before you start dispensing your advices, let me tell you what won't do.

- The Flushing one won't do. I'm not a Manhattan snob. The Flushing one is just not as good; The congees were dried up, big chunks of groud meat in dumplings, etc.

- Most other places in Chinatown won't do. NY Noodletown, Fuleen and Kam Chueh are all pretty decent, but they are just too filthy looking. I used to go to Kam Chueh with a friend, we would spend $200 on lobster sashimi and excellent fish. We would get rewarded by getting two trash bags as table cloth rather than one.

- Peking duck house won't do. This place can only make one thing. And even the duck is not as good as it used to be. Maybe the surly Shanghaiese owner finally drove off the good Peking chefs? Talking about driving off the good chefs, what's happening to Joe's Shanghai? First Joe's Ginger showed up serving disgusting soup dumplings under the other's good name. Now it appears that Joe's Shanghai has joined the race to the bottom.

I've been thinking about uptown, midtown as well. After all, my favorite Dim Sum place is Henry's Evergreen in UES, where I can actually get things to eat, rather than fighting with 500 others for the 10 shrimp dumplings. But nothing really came to mind.

I'm not asking for places like Lai Wah Heen in YYZ to blow me away. All I wanted is a little place like a Sam Woo in Irvine, or a Yank Sing in SF. Am I asking too much?

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