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Sushi Shikon (aka Sushi Yoshitake)

kosmose7 | Nov 16, 201308:31 PM

I had dinner at Sushi Shikon (former Sushi Yoshitake) last night, on my fifth day since I moved back to Hong Kong from New York. LOL

The kitchen is helmed by Tokyo Sushi Yoshitake's sous chef Yoshiharu Kakinuma.

I was served delicious seasonal female snow crab with crab roe gelee, really tender and juicy marinaded tako, steamed abalone with liver sauce (mushi awabi with kimo sauce), and seared mackerel (aburi saba) for appetizers. Everything was delicious.

Then followed by nigiri of tai, akamutsu, tsuke maguro, otoro, kohada roll with oboro, smoked sawara, ikura, kuruma ebi, and anago, followed by gyoku (egg cake).
Strawberry and red bean mochi with matcha ice cream was served for dessert,

Quality of neta was overall good, if not the best.
I also liked vinegared sushi rice (shari), which was neither mushy hard and dry.

I would have been very satisfied if the dinner had not been HK$3,500 without alocohol. LOL It was tasty and good, but for this price, I would expect a bit more. Uni could have been better quality, seaweed (nori) could have been better quality, neta could have been more interesting, etc, etc.
I know I shouldn't compare it to sushiyas in Japan, but even considering that this is not Japan, which means air-flown ingredients from Japan cost more, it left something to be desired. It's one of better sushiyas in Hong Kong no doubt, but will I go back? May be or may be not.

RyuGin, on the other hand, was really satisfactory in terms of price-to-performance ratio.

P.S. Chef Yoshiharu Kakinuma said he used to live in Atlanta, Georgia and worked in New York City for a short period too. So he knows chef Sotohiro of Soto New York, who is also from Atlanta, Georgia. He also said Sushi Yoshitake plans to expand to other major cities, probably New York. IMHO, New York definitely needs this kind of good sushi quality, but I am not sure if it will be popular at this price point (approx. U$500). They may have to either upgade the ingredients or lower the price in New York.
Masa costs over U$700, but its dinner course includes pricy ingredients like fugu, hairy crab, white truffle, caviar, etc. Sushi Nakazawa costs only about U$200 after tax and tip, and 15 East between U$200 - U$300, both serving comparable quality of sushi. Ichimura, famous for using dry-aged fish with shio kouji (fermented seasoning made from rice malt and salt) as neta, costs around U$300. Keep in mind though, all these New York sushiyas generally use once-frozen ingredients due to the regulations by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which stipulates that fish served raw must be frozen first, to kill parasites.

Anyways, I am so glad to be back in Hong Kong. For the past 6 days, I devoured Shanghai hairy crab and French desserts at Salon de The de Joel Robuchon and Madarin Cake Shop, as well as delicious iced coffee everywhere, and Roast goose, not to mention great dim sum!!!! LOLOLOL

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