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Take Out Sushi In Hartsdale - long

The Rogue | Aug 9, 2002 09:58 AM

Earlier this week I was on Central Ave / Hartsdale Av in Hartsdale stopping by Meiji-Ya (sp) Japanese grocery store and Shugo Sake store to pick up some supplies. I was hungry and took a deeper look at the take out sushi place located between the two stores. Sakanaya Sushi. They were making fresh sushi and putting boxes on display and I grabbed a few. One of spicy tuna maki and one of eel maki and nigiri. I also got one of their salads and a miso soup (You add the extras to the hot broth such as tofu, chopped scallions, seaweed, etc.)

Service is friendly with a smile and a nice word or few. I even got a cheerful no problem and smile when I clumsily dropped a container of salad dressing, (carrying too many things at once, overwhelmed by the choices) which splattered all over the floor, and was cleaned up within seconds.

The miso soup was weaker than I like but thats they only negative thing I have to say about the place. It was the best sushi I have had where I didn't end up spending $100-200 on a meal... and at really low prices. Lower than I could make it myself (which I do on a regular occasion.) The eel nigiri was four enormous (4'5" x 2") pieces of the tenderest, creamiest, tastiest broiled eel that I have ever had with just a small bit of rice to hold it. It put a new meaning to eel for me. The eel maki was just as good if not better, no tiny dabs of eel covered with tons of rice, the eel was the focus here because it was big pieces paired with advocado and the lusciousness was as Jim Leff would say "close your eyes and pound your fist on the table" great stuff! It was $8.95 for this enormous portion that was a meal for one... And this was the most expensive thing on the menu by a large amount.

The spicy tuna roll ($3.25) was also in a class by itself. Usually the spicy sauce is used to cover up inferior tuna. In this case it was a vehicle for superior tuna. Not only that but it was the best spicy sauce I ever had in this style. Complex with many layers of flavor without overwhelming the tuna at all. Again there was only just enough rice to hold it together.

The salad ($2.50) was a nice fresh garden salad with several types of fresh lettuces, ripe tomatos, peeleed and seeded cucumber slices, and small carrots. the dressing was the key feature here. Homemade ginger / sesame dressing with a carrot base. I ended up eating the salad as I drove home by dipping it in the dressing container as I drove. (With the dressing so thick that not a drop dripped on me.) The salad must have been organic or very well washed because I usually have a mild allergic reaction to raw veggies and had none this time. A first with a store / restaurant salad for me.

The sushi was so good I dreamt about it and went back for dinner the next two nights. I tried many types of their nigiri, maki, and sashimi. All were very, very good. Their stock varies because they would rather run out or have a poorer selection than serve anything other than top quality. You can order your own selection or grab pre-made from the case. (There is such a high turnover that the sushi in the case has usually been there less than five minutes.)

They also do some tempura and fried food specials. Lately it's soft shell crab tempura for $4 each. they sell them fresh and hot or premade and allowed to cool. They will also make this into maki for you. Again... great stuff.

Prices for all items are cheaper than I can make myself. Maki and temaki for $2.50-3.75 a roll with mostly fish, not rice. Super huge fancy rolls at $4-7. Nigiri at $1.25-1.50 a piece.

OK... I've raved enough about this place for now, but I still amazed at such great sushi from a takeout place. (They have a small eat in counter and one low table.) I just can't wait til lunchtime to cruise up there and get some more.

Has anyone else tried this place?

They also do really great platters with a huge selection of choices at very good prices (over 50 pieces 1/3 nigiri to 2/3 maki for $40, 210 same proportions for $145)

Sakanaya Sushi
14-16 North Central Park Ave
(Four Corners - Intersection of Central Av and Hartsdale Av)
Hartsdale, NY
fax: 914-993-9153
Free local delivery
Hours: Tues - Sat 11am - 8pm, Sun 11am - 6pm, closed Mon

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