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Survival food

Ruth Lafler | Sep 27, 2001 04:32 PM

I work in a 36-story office building in downtown San Francisco.

I've always known that the company stocks barrels of water for emergency uses (for The Big One -- supposedly everyone is supposed to keep enough food and water for at least three days).

But I didn't know we also keep emergency food until I spied a couple of cases of it by the trash -- the expiration date on the packages was 1995, so I'm guessing in light of recent events someone decided to update our emergency preparedness.

However, I can't imagine an emergency dire enough to eat this stuff. It's not MREs, it's "S.O.S. Survival Food Packet for lifesaving craft." (Ok, I just flashed back to the lifeboat scene in _Bounty_ so I can imagine one).

The contents are described thusly: "Each packet weighing 1.362 lbs. (618 gm) provides 3600 kcal. (15,120 kj) and contains six (6) fortified cakes, equivalent to one (1) lifeboat or two (2) lifecraft U.S.C.G. units, respectively."

The actual ingredients are listed as wheat flour, vegetable shortening, cane and corn sugars, dried coconut, corn starch and egg white (plus a bunch of preservatives, vitamins, etc.). Oddly, each serving is 2/3 of a "cake" (why didn't they just make smaller cakes?), comprising 400 calories and a whopping 28 grams of fat.

Since the whole thing is vacuum-packed in silver plastic, I fail to see how it could expire -- this stuff will probably be just as edible as it ever was 50 years from now.

But after all the nostalgia about C-rations and MREs, can anyone tell me if I'm missing out on some rare culinary treat? My boss has ordered me not to open the package I salvaged, but I could sneak it home ...

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