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I know I'm not supposed to ask where my post went, but....


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I know I'm not supposed to ask where my post went, but....

linguist | Nov 11, 2009 06:14 AM

I recently posted to the New England board that I had learned that a rather interesting restaurant in New Haven had been sold, and that its future was unsure. The owner of the restaurant posted a reply confirming that the restaurant building had in fact been sold; saying that the restaurant itself would continue for a while, and that they were planning to open two new restaurants in the area soon. This seemed to me to be quite relevant information for Chow Hounds in the area, and neither my post nor the owner's seemed to me to come close to violating any of the etiquette policies. Nonetheless, my thread was deleted almost immediately after my short acknowledgment of the restaurant owner's confirmation of my information. The next morning (today) I posted once again with the basic information ... and this post was removed within minutes of my having made it.

This is all quite incomprehensible to me. In the past, when a thread I had posted to was removed it was pretty clear to me that it had gone seriously off-topic and wasn't providing useful information. That's just not the case here.

From the outline given above, can anyone suggest why my posts have been removed, at least so I can avoid similar errors in the future? There's clearly no point in my repeating the actual posting, because it will presumably be removed so quickly that no one will see it....

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