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How is one supposed to eat crawfish?

iheartcooking | Sep 1, 2015 09:26 PM

In the area where I live, "Cajun" style, but also Asian (?) seafood boil restaurants have been popping up and growing in popularity. Some are better than others but when I am hankering for a big pile of seafood I like to try them out and order a mixed bag with sausage, corn, crawfish, shrimp, maybe crab, whatever sounds good.

I've only tried crawfish twice now gboth times they were sourced from Oregon if that matters) They were tasty but it was nearly impossible to get into the tails to where I assume most of the meat lay. They tasted good but not enough to justify the effort. It hurt my fingers! Sucking out the heads was great though, especially since no one else at the table would do it. More brains for me.

Was I doing it wrong? Should I forgo the bodies and tails and just suck out the heads? They provided no cracking tools so does that mean none should be used?

Ill probably never go to a real crawfish boil in Louisiana so this is what I've got. Anyone with experience have any advice? On how to enjoy these mud bugs or any etiquette I may not be aware of?

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