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shark_attack | Oct 4, 2009 03:36 PM

Is another of the "Dives" featured on that Food Network show and at which as a result, I am sorry to report, wait times are truly onerous. However, on to the chow. The hot dogs are very good and I have no quarrel with them. I am instead writing to critique (ok, criticize) the cheese steak sandwich.

It's not like Philly, nothing is and that's not my beef, no pun. I just think that the addition of 15 or 20 enormous, stringy pieces of undercooked onions did nothing to improve the sandwich. Likewise, the use of Mayonaise as the sauce for the sandwich is, I suppose, ok if you're a mayo lover, sort of ok if you're indifferent and not at all ok if you want something that actually resembles a steak sandwich. Between the onions and especially the mayo, the sandwich is a disaster, it falls apart tragically, it can't be eaten in a car at all, certainly not a moving one:) .

Thing is, other than the above points, the sandwich tasted great. How about an option to get american cheese instead of mayo, and maybe chop the onions up and cook 'em more and maybe offer peppers and 'shrooms also.

The place is a complete money-machine, btw. Total cash cow. I am envious of the traffic and the margins.

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