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Sunday Nights in Restaurants...


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Sunday Nights in Restaurants...

woo! | Feb 12, 2002 03:51 PM

I just posted a request for recco's for Sunday night on the LA board, but it also led me to an interesting question on the "Sunday Night" question... kind of an extension of the "Don't eat fish on Monday" deal...

It has been my experience (I think I read it in Bourdain's book, KC as well?) that usually a restaurant's kitchen is staffed by the "B" team on Sunday nights. Any thoughts on this? Am I way off base? I just seem to remember that most of my bad food experiences have come on Sunday nights at places that are usually pretty good. Maybe I'm just a conspiracy theory nut, but just a question... any thoughts or comments? Has anyone else had any similar experiences? How about any restaurant industry types... is this true or just me being dumb?

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