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Summer Solstice Party Food Advice Needed


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Summer Solstice Party Food Advice Needed

DanaB | Jun 11, 2003 07:26 PM

Hi All -- I've seen some great advice handed out on other posters' upcoming party menus, and thought I'd seek your help with my own party dilemma. This year I'm thrown a Summer Solstice/Longest Day of the Year party, on Sat. June 21st. It's an evening party, and I'll be serving primarily hors d'oevres and some desserts, along with cocktails. I'm expecting around 50 or so people, and have a sort of reputation to uphold, as my co-hosts and I typically throw one theme party a year (in the past, we've done a Tiki Party, a "Cocktails" at Tiffany's Party, a Greek Party and a Seven Deadly Sins/Heavenly Virtues Party, to name a few, all with the requisite decorations and appropriate food).

I've got the decorations pretty much down -- we're doing sort of a Midsummer Night's Dream (flowers, fruit, ivy, gauzey drapings over windows, etc.) for the decor, with a few pagan/celestial touches thrown in. However, I'm kind of stumped on the food ideas. I've checked some webpages for ideas and there really don't appear to be any particularly unique foods to the summer solstice (except perhaps Mead, any ideas on where I would I find that?).

Here are some of the foods I was thinking about serving:

Honey Cakes (from a Greek cookbook I've got, these are akin to a baklava)

Pissaladieres or some kind of tomato focaccia

Chicken wings (I'm thinking they'll have to stand in for the giant turkey legs you find at your average renaissance fair :-)

Fresh fruit (grapes, cherries, berries)

Nuts, olives

Some kind of iced tea with honey as flavoring (maybe a lemon/ginger/honey aid).

I'll be serving beer, wine and other cocktails as well.

I'm mostly looking for finger food -- lack of utensils seems more "pagan" to me ;-) So, any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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