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suggestion: if you delete my post, send me a message saying why

jajjguy | Jul 30, 200904:39 PM

I am interested in complying with chowhound posting guidelines. Different people interpret these things differently, so I am not surprised that occasionally a post will be removed even though I intended it to comply. But it would help me to know (a) that the post was removed and (b) what about the post ran afoul of posting guidelines so that, if there was relevant information in the post, I could figure out how to re-post it in a manner that complies with guidelines. Plus, it's courteous.

This could be as simple as an automated email that includes one of a range of pre-written responses, or a single line typed in by a moderator explaining. I'm not looking for a chance to argue about a removal, just interested in being a better poster. Thanks.

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