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londonosher | Jan 6, 200508:23 AM

I am kosher and greatly enjoy cooking. I love virtually any meat and ditto anything milky. What I hate more than anything is the attempt by people to try to substitute products to ensure that a recipe remains kosher. If meat recipe calls for butter/cream etc don't make it, equally don't try to make a cream pie after a fleischig meal.

There are so many things out there we can eat why spoil a good recipe by trying to replace things. People constantly tell me that kosher ice cream is as good as the real thing - they're lying it simply is not. Why not eat some fruit/have a cake/make a chocolate mousse and wait three hours if you're that desperate for some ice cream.

Similarly if a recipe calls for a cut of meat we can't eat or an animal that is treif, leave it, move on and choose another recipe.

I also find that this over the top desire to substitute leads us down the disturbing path of processed foods - cream is a natural product, not some processed pap. Vegetables are vegetables, they shouldn't be processed into "vegetable protein." We've been given on earth millions of fantastic things we can eat - why try and eat the things we can't.

rant over

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