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Style of Fillet knife

DavidPonting | Sep 5, 201303:30 AM

Having for the first time in a very long time bitten the bullet and bought a whole fish to gut and fillet myself (mackerel, to be precise), I found that the knives I had were drastically inadequate... I ended up doing most of the work with an 8" carving knife/slicer, because my chef's knife (8" Sabatier) was too bulky and a paring knife too small. The problem was that using the rigid carving knife, I lost a lot of fish in the process.

How useful is a flexible filleting knife, or should I just practice using what I have? With where I now live (5min from one of the biggest fish markets in Sweden), I can see myself doing this a lot...

If I do get a dedicated knife, is the full-blade style or the cutaway "Swedish" style better? (I wouldn't get globals - I don't like the handle at all - but they're the first brand I could think of that has easily viewable pictures of both so the two styles can be compared without brand differences!).

I know someone is going to suggest a deba/yanagiba combination, but at the moment I think I'd rather stick to western knife styles since that's the technique that I'm used to.

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