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Strategies for Dining in Barcelona with a 10 Year Old

anotherjennifer | May 14, 2012 05:59 PM

We're spending a week in Barcelona with our 10 year old. He's well behaved and a reasonably adventurous eater for an American 10 year old. IOW, I trust him to behave any appropriately any where we take him and we have taken him to some nice restaurants in the NYC area (where we live) and in Paris and London (where we have vacationed with him in the last couple of years). He's not trying to live on hamburgers and chicken nuggets and he's pretty excited to try some of the Catalan food I've been telling him about, but there are limits to how adventurous he's going to be.

One of the reasons he's well behaved in restaurants is that we know his limits. An hour and a half or a little more for a nice 3 course meal? Sure. Three hours while we make our way through a tasting menu? Babysitter.

Obviously, as an American child, he's not accustomed to eating dinner at 10, but it's conceivable that we may be able to tweak his schedule enough to make it work.

I haven't really researched the thread yet, so I'm not asking for restaurant suggestions. I'm asking more about your thoughts on strategies, particularly from those of you who have traveled to Barcelona with children of about that age. Big meal at lunch and then tapas for dinner? Will tapas bars welcome a child? Just have him nap and then pick appropriate restaurants* and get dinner at 10 and let him really experience the culture? A bit of both?

*In Paris we liked bistros and in London we like gastropubs, although we certainly didn't limit ourselves to those, but that's the kind of places we like to go with him on vacation.

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