Strange Silicone Mold Odor Problem


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Strange Silicone Mold Odor Problem

kaleokahu | Aug 14, 2013 09:31 AM

A couple of years ago, Wahine bought me two of the W-S black silicone icecube molds, the kind intended for making "big" cubes for cocktails. They basically live in the reefer's freezer section, and work just fine. I took them both out last night because some ice had sublimated away, and I thought I'd give them a wash.

The problem? They now smell like an ashtray. We don't smoke, nor do we allow smoking in the house. A soak overnight in baking soda water did not solve the problem, so now I'm trying vinegar.

Anyone else have this problem? Any solutions for deodorizing would be appreciated.


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