Non stick pans still superior for delicate items

CHSeifert | Jun 25, 202012:08 AM     20

Well I’ve felt it and known it for years.

Upon joining this forum early in 2017, I pretty soon realised some members dislike non stick pans like the plaque.

I acknowledge the environmental aspect of it.
Producing the Teflon is not the healthiest thing in the world, and we all need to cut down on our usage of plastic in general.

But when produced under proper restrictions I’m all in favour of using a non stick pan, that makes certain type of recipes easier to make and in the end helps to perfect the dish to taste better.

Carbon steel seasoned can do a lot of what a non stick pan can do, but it doesn’t do it as well in many cases as a non stick pan.

You don’t have the ability to temperature control a delicate fish or clamp on a carbon steel pan like you have on a non stick pan.
You may have that ability on a copper and PLY pan, but you need more oil/butter to do this, than you do in a non stick pan. In fact you can sear a soft delicate fish on a non stick pan getting crispy skin without adding any oil.
I’ve done it myself. Try that on a copper or PLY pan without ruining the fish.

I just saw several videos with 3-star Michelin chef Eric Ripert making delicate fish, videos were made decades a part. Yet Mr. Ripert recommends using a non stick pan for delicate fish and seafood and not a seasoned carbon steel pan or a tin lined copper pan for that matter. Ramsay also prefer non stick pans for fish and soft seafood.

I’ve seen countless of chefs using cheap $10 non stick pans for fish and seafood over the years, and after a member here, justcharlie, put my attention to it, I had to make a thread about the effectiveness and ability of non stick frying pans for certain type of delicate food types.

I’m all for using the proper pan for a specific type of food and recipes. The end result is what counts. The dish. If you achieve better results using a non stick pan for certain delicate dishes, why bother trying to use other pans ?

I try to limit my use of plastic in general and when I bin it, I make sure to discard it properly.

But com on, the last non stick pan I got rid of was a Scanpan Classic. I had it for 14 years. 14 years. And it only had a minor scratch. My wife’s friend now use it. It hasn’t even been thrown away yet. Going on 16 years now.

I do own two carbon steel pans, but they are for meat searing only. They are not seasoned.
I like to wash my pans 100% after usage and I like to use tomatoes, wine and vinegar often. Seasoned carbon steel pans are useless for me.
Utter useless.

I also like to use my non stick pans for fish, seafood, eggs, egg cake/frittatta and frikadeller. My non stick pans excel at these specific tasks. I don’t use them for other that that.

My copper pans and PLY pans excel at other things, just not frikadeller, egg cake and delicate fish & seafood.

So I admit it. I love my non stick pans and would be a less great cook if I didn’t use them in my home kitchen.

I own 8 non stick pans now.
4 Demeyere Alu Pro and 4 Mauviel M’Stone. Great great pans all of them.
But I only use them for specific delicate tasks and never for high heat searing tasks.

So let’s debate. Do you have the guts to admit you would be a worse cook without your non stick pans ?

Cheers, Claus

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