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Soop | Apr 14, 200805:28 AM

What, in your opinion, is the best steak in the world? I do really mean beef, but thinking about it, surely there are others worthwhile. Here's mine:

1: Ribeye - currently up from #2 because I don't have it as much, and if you cook it right (and melt the fat) it's very flavoursome
2: Sirloin - so good it was knighted. This is just amazing for it's tenderness and flavour. I like them thin, grilled till the pink has just gone, and the fat crispy. YUM!
3: Rump steak - I like to put mine in the carrier bag it was bought in and pound it with my fist. Given a decent piece of steak and the right cooking, this can leave it as soft as butter. Rump steaks I tend to like a little rarer and thicker. Don't know why.
4: Tuna steak! Absolutely mouthwatering!
5: (Lamb) chump steak. Very tender and lean, unlike most cuts of lamb. Worth buying over lamb chops any day.

There you go. I'm not going to go into specific breeds or anything because it doesn't really bother me that much. And I rarely flavour my steaks with anything (occasionally olive oil and salt) but just appreciate the flavour as-is (I find strong sauces like peppercorn sauce bewildering).

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