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Need help with my steak!

yossarian22 | Oct 25, 201109:25 PM

I'm trying to perfect my steaks and I'm running into a few problems. I think the biggest problem could be my steaks to begin with.

I've been buying my meat at my local Kroger because there really aren't any good butchers close. I would really like to get some USDA Prime but I just really can't seem to find anywhere around that has it. (I live in Columbus OH if anybody knows of anywhere..) I've been working with boneless ribeye because its a moderately cheap cut and one that I like from a restaurant.

The method I have been using is to heat my cast iron skillet to a pretty high temperature. I then lightly salt and pepper the steak and brush some vegetable oil on both sides. I then cook it for about 2 min and 15 seconds on each side and then brush a little butter on each side then keep flipping until desired doneness- about medium.

Before tonight my steak just didn't have much flavor. It was okay, but it wasn't that steakhouse-oh-my-god quality steak flavor.. I would rate the flavor about a 4/10. The steak has usually been fairly tender.. maybe a 7.5/10. Then tonight I did the same method and got a better flavor (6.5/10) but my steak came out ridiculously tough.

I think it may be the beef I'm using. But I did it before once with beef that I got out of town that I know was dry-aged.. I think it may have been choice.. but I just didn't get satisfying flavor.

So is there anything I'm doing wrong??

PS- I live in an apartment that outlaws outdoor grills so that's out of the question.. from what I've read though steakhouses usually use the skillet method anyway.

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