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I started this day a mere boy.........but now I am a man!

jrvedivici | Mar 6, 201511:05 AM

I’m almost a little embarrassed to write this, a “worldly man” my age having never had this experience before. All these years when the topic would come up, I would just nervously laugh, nod and agree with the conversation going on around me, knowing all the time I was a virgin to the experience. I would just throw in a few choice comments like; “Of course”, “Oh yeah”, “Hate when that happens”, nod and just sheepishly laugh, but never really knowing what it was like to have the experience.

As the years went on, my curiosity never diminished, I still wanted to be like all my friends, I just wanted to “do it” but could never bring myself around to it. There was always something mysterious about it, not like anything I had really ever had before, let’s face it, it just really wasn’t my “thing”. I heard it all, “all men try it” – “there’s nothing to be ashamed of” etc. I knew the day would come……I just never knew when……..well today was the day.

I decided since it was my first time, and I’m a bit of an excessive kind of guy, I wasn’t going to have just one, no….my first time was going to be a ménage a trios’. Since I’m paying for it, I’ll have it just the way I want it, right? Why not? I work hard for my money and I should be able to indulge myself however I care to.

I remembered everything I had heard about it, it could taste a bit fishy, but shouldn't smell so…….that for the maximum enjoyment you really had to know how to use your tongue. I heard some guys like to use a circular motion….saying it enhances the experience….I never understood that, like twirling wine around your mouth, I’m too old to be worried about my technique at this age.

As I settled in for this…..I was trying to decide what if any angle I should hold my head for maximum enjoyment. Normally I’m not much of a “watcher” but in this case I decided I did want to watch, I wanted to try and enjoy this will as many of my senses as possible, the first being my sense of touch. Although the prize is “between the buns” I’ve got to admit, I was very surprised at the soft, yet firmness of the buns. Although I’m paying for this, I really didn't have a direct choice; I just accepted what they sent me. I’ve always been a buns man and boy they were the best I’ve held in a long-long time. Feeling the buns and spreading them a little to get a glimpse of the glistening, sun kissed, golden brown sheen, covering the pure white meat beneath, I could feel my heart start to flutter in anticipation. As I drew myself closer the enormity of what I was about to experience finally set in, how foolish I was for not preparing a proper tongue movement, how foolish I was for waiting this long in my life to fulfill this transition to manhood, how after I took this plunge with my tongue and mouth……..I might not ever be the same man again.

All I can say is it was delicious!! There was no fishy smell or taste, it surpassed my expectations and I am so proud I won’t have to “fake” it anymore when around my friends. The only embarrassing part of the entire process was as I was leaving someone stopped me and said, “Hey, you’ve got some white stuff on your mouth, chin and nose”. I took my hand and wiped it away, too much tarter sauce I guess. I’ll be more careful with my next Filet O’ Fish.

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