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Starbucks Pet Peeve

cwdonald | Mar 27, 201206:32 AM

I rarely patronize Starbucks, but when I do, I go for the simple coffees. Lately there has been a disturbing trend when I go in at 7 am to a grande coffee. They run out of the one that I want, and sometimes they will top it off with another flavor. Remember now they have three types of coffee.. light medium and dark. Mixing especially the dark with the medium (which has happened on more than one occasion) significantly changes the flavor of the coffee. Has anyone else run into this? I usually am so annoyed that even when I have been asked if I want to wait for another batch to be brewed I tell them to mix or top off. Are they brewing smaller batches now that they have three? I am seriously tempted to just give up on this chain completely, (and thankfully Doylestown, PA has several independent coffee shops to consider, though not as convenient as the starbucks.).

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