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Sriracha Chili Sauce


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Sriracha Chili Sauce

Dennis | Jun 7, 2003 12:27 PM


Once upon a time, when I would go to a restaurant and asked for a bottle of hot sauce, I was usually offered a choice of one of the following:

1) Tabasco


2) Texas Pete

Some restaurants would actually stock both of these sauces and give you your choice of the two.

I've been noticing a trend lately in some of the trendier restaurants in my area (Norfolk, Virginia).

Specifically, a lot of our restaurants are offering
a sauce called "Sriracha", a chili sauce with a delightful (at least, to me) garlicky and vinegary

Not too long ago, I posted about my favorite restaurant for ordering chicken wings. I always ask for "Extra Hot." But just in case I don't find them hot enough, they always bring me a whole bottle of
Sriracha sauce. Not just a small container but an entire bottle.

Also, I have noted that a lot of those red squigglies that appear on the sides of the plates for a lot of "fusion" style dishes, mostly the ones bearing an Asian influence, taste exactly like Sriracha sauce. So, I concluded that was exactly what it was.

Recently, I went to one of these "gourmet diner" type restaurants and ordered their version of Bangkok Chicken. Sure enough, the sides of my plate were decorated with those bright red Sriracha squiggles.

When the waitress asked me if I wanted anything extra, I told her: "Yes, bring me some more Sriracha." She seemed impressed that I knew what that stuff was and brought me a dish of it.

Are any of you finding Sriracha Chili Sauce has found a permanent place in a growing number of restaurants in your area?

Personally, I am glad. I love this stuff.

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