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Who Should have Spoken Up?

Robinez | Nov 10, 200906:16 PM


My parents invited my husband and I to go with them to a very nice restaurant who's claim to fame is their steak's.We have been there before with them and loved it.The steaks are grilled over orangewood and are delicious.Price is approx $50 pp.Not including drinks.

We now live 3 hrs away so after a weekend together and because the rest is on our way home we decided to eat there before we headed directly home.

Everyone ordered what we have enjoyed before and we were looking forward to a nice meal before our drive.

Everyone at the table recieved a wonderful steak.Served exactly as ordered.Except for my husband.His steak was,for lack of a better word,puny.We had both ordered the same steak.A Porterhouse,ordered the same way,med rare.His was noticeably smaller.And more well done.And looked terrible.

I truly wanted to pipe up and say "hey what the hell"? But didn't because I didn't want my husband to feel uncomfortable.I have known my father all of my life and could tell that he wasn't happy with the steak.I have known my husband for 20 years and he wasn't happy with the steak either.

So,what did they do? They said nothing.My father didn't want to say anything in an effort to not embarrass my husband and my husband didn't want to say anything because he thought he would offend the host (my father).We aren't talking a new relationship,my father has known my husband for many yrs.

I think they both should have said something.

What do you think?

Take care,Robin

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