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YingZheng | Jun 22, 2010 06:09 AM

This is a subject that often comes up when discussing particular restaurants on this forum, so I thought it'd be interesting to develop it a little further..

Particularly in the realm of ethnic food, where can you get some of the spiciest food in DFW?

I eat alot of Sichuan, African, Korean, Thai and other international cuisines... alot of times when I go to a place they will hold back on the spice factor almost to the point of blandness and then marvel on my supposed ability to eat spicy food. It's a constant battle...

Here's my shortlist of at least a few (marginally) spicy cuisines in Dallas:

Royal Sichuan - A purportedly spicy cuisine that makes uses of alot of dried chilis, sichuan pepper corns, pickled peppers, and etc. I've had a few spicy dishes here (generally those constiting of pickled peppers tend to be hotter), but sometimes the food just falls way short. It's delicious nonetheless but they seem to really hold back.

Oti African Restaurant - Nigerian stews.. they admittedly hold back when non-Africans come in. They gave us a plate of diced and pickled habeneros to add to our stews on the side, saying they didnt know if we could really take it even though we insisted that we could.. they had a kick but nothing too extreme.. the meal was good.

In the realm of Korean food, unfortunately Woo Mee Oak in Garland has closed. At least in my experience (I know the place had bad reviews), they did NOT hold back and it was especially hot for Korean food. Sometimes I even had difficult eating Naeng Myun there of all things because it was so nuclear. Sometimes I think they were doing it as a joke to see how severely they could abuse me with the spice level lol. Woo Mee Oak will be sorely missed.

So anyone have any more recommendations? Indian? Ethiopian? Latin American? Etc.

Woo Mee Oak
10560 Walnut St, Dallas, TX 75243

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