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What should I look for in a spianatoia/pasta board?

HououinKyouma | Apr 15, 2014 10:16 AM

I want to make hand stretched pasta. Beyond cutting the pasta, im not really using it as a cutting board. Does the thickness still matter here? I know with cutting boards, 2" thickness would be ideal but that might get a little expensive for a huge pasta board and might be unnecessary. Should I still look for end grain? Type of wood...im thinking maple. I know I want a counter lip but would a back lip get in the way of things? Would it be better to import from Italy or have it made in the U.S? (the boards here are a little small so it would have to be custom made but i was quoted $300 for it. Largest I could find here is 36x24x1.5 and I need a surface of 40x40)

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