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Special Soda/Pop Search: help!


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Special Soda/Pop Search: help!

Allie | Feb 7, 2005 04:50 PM

I am looking for a soda (pop if you prefer) with the following characteristics: caffeinated, diet, but without nutrasweet (prefer splenda, but saccharine OK). For the somewhat complicated reason, see below, but any suggestions?
Tab has saccharine AND nutrasweet, so no go there. Diet Rite has no caffeine.

The reason it must be diet, I was a long time diet coke drinker, and can no longer tolerate regular soda.
The reason I need caffeine: I am pregnant, and nausea has made it impossible to drink coffee, or even that awful general foods international coffee, but I need my one dose of caffeine a day to stave off withdrawal (and no, caffeine, especially in small doses, is not dangerous in pregnancy).
The reason no nutrasweet: it gives me migraines (thus the quitting diet coke).

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