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dwlloyd810 | Jun 25, 201912:48 PM     1

"Our spam detection has flagged your post, so it will not appear on the site until one of our moderators has approved it. Thanks for posting."

I see messages like this often when I comment on various blogs. Worse, my own blog has "detected" my own comments to my own articles as spam! I don't sell anything online, and I have no relationship with any advertisers. I have corrected false information on some sites, (not this site) citing peer-reviewed sources, which I'm sure has caused some bloggers who don't want to be held accountable to the facts to complain, but the purpose of allowing editorial comments is so a publication can demonstrate accountability.

I would appreciate you forwarding this feedback to whatever service you use for spam filtering. I am not a spammer. I have never published false or misleading information. I am always careful (when appropriate) to cite any sources. It is my opinion that it is the process of responsibly citing sources that has resulted in my responses being flagged as spam. In other words, I think some of these spam-filtering services actually have a bias against informed research-based responses.

The specific comment that was flagged was associated with this article:

Shioya, T. (2007, October 1). Does Cooking Alcohol Really Burn It All Off? Chowhound. Retrieved from https://www.chowhound.com/food-news/5...

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