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Sourdough starter not rising - help!


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Sourdough starter not rising - help!

biondanonima | Feb 7, 2013 11:29 AM

So, I decided to try starting my own sourdough starter from scratch last Saturday, using King Arthur whole wheat flour and water. It's quite cold in my kitchen these days (under 65 degrees), so I let the flour and water mixture sit for 24 hours in my oven with the light on. I got lots of bubbles and a nice fermented smell, so I began a feeding regimen (50 g each water and flour to 50 g starter, twice a day). This also included a gradual shift from WW flour to AP flour (Heckers unbleached).

I've been feeding pretty consistently for the last 10 days, and while I am still getting plenty of bubbles and a yeasty smell, my starter absolutely WILL NOT RISE. I've researched a bit online, and a couple of sources say that 100% hydration starter is sometimes too wet to rise, so I have done a couple of feedings at only 66% hydration, and still, nothing. Do any of you experienced sourdough bakers have any thoughts? I thought perhaps my oven was too warm, but when I take the temperature of the starter it's usually right around 75 degrees, which seems about right. Any tricks you can recommend? I have been meaning to go get some rye flour to see if that might help, but at this point I wonder if it might not be better just to start over.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer!

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