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Smoothies and Bubble Tea in Providence?


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Smoothies and Bubble Tea in Providence?

Garris | Jul 20, 2008 11:29 AM

Hi everyone,

For me, summer refreshments are about two things and two things only... Smoothies and bubble tea.

For smoothies, it has to be fresh (or frozen fresh) ingredients. No smoothies poured out of a supermarket carton container blended with ice... I haven't found any locally I'm thrilled with. Three Sisters does a decent job, but there's always too much ice. The Coffee Edge has the same problem with their (otherwise sublime) green tea smoothie. Where is everyone's favorite local Providence fresh smoothies?

Also, bubble tea. Tealuxe's is barely acceptable. I haven't tried MuMu's tea house's 25 flavors yet. Any local bubble tea recs?

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