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My silly Safeway seafood salad search

thebordella | Oct 22, 201407:36 AM     20

This is the story of my seafood salad situation. And a plea for help.

I like supermarket seafood salad, not all versions, but some. Yes, the prepared deli case kind with fake "krab" and what-have-you. But I like it on the lighter side -- not heavy and gloopy with too much mayo and oiliness.

A few months ago I was in a local Vons here in Los Angeles (a Safeway brand) and I stumbled upon a seafood salad that looked more "shredded" than chunky. I bought it to try and it was great! Perhaps my favorite supermarket version ever. Light on the mayo, shredded krab with a few chunks here and there, with tiny little shrimps.

The next time I went back to that Vons, it wasn't there. They had an ugly, gloopy, heavy seafood salad with big chunks. I explained what I had bought previously but the deli manager seemed clueless and said they always have the same seafood salad. Not true! (I've looked again every time back there since with no luck.)

Fast forward a few months. I went on a trip to the Santa Rosa, California area. There, I stopped in a "real" Safeway supermarket and guess what -- I found it again! My supreme seafood salad. Exactly like the one-off I stumbled across in that local Vons never to be seen again. I enjoyed several helpings on that trip.

I have looked at a few other Safeway-branded stores in LA (Vons, Pavilions) but have yet to see The One True Seafood Salad again. But clearly it is a Safeway product.

Attached is a photo. In short, I am trying to figure out whether there is an identifiable source to this seafood salad that is clearly carried at at least some Safeway stores. Ideally, if I could find it more reliably in LA that would be great, but randomly visiting every Vons and Pavilions in the county could take years.

Note that this is carried in the deli case -- it is not any of the seafood salads you see commercially packaged with items like potato and macaroni salads, nor prepackaged versions in the seafood case. Every one of those seems very mayo-heavy.

Thanks for reading the longest story about seafood salad you have ever seen.

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