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RST | Dec 6, 2007 06:42 AM

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Always a big fan of that blog, Cristina.

In rural areas, I find that it is generally not difficult to get information on dias de mercado (or dias de plaza). But do not rely on government offices or tourism bureaus of the biggest nearby towns, they will not know. Ask around instead: most people living in the vicinity would know. This was the case on my recent trip through the Sierra Norte de Puebla: I asked as I go. I had to backtrack here and there to hit every market on the way, but I would have had to anyway, even if I had known way ahead of time. For what it's worth, here are the dias de mercado of the main towns I visited in this area. (I am not including smaller towns like Xicolapa which are drippingly beautiful but have smaller and less significant markets)

Each market is unique and stunning in its own way:

Tuesday - Chignahuapan
Wed - Zacapoaxtla
Thurs and Sun - Cuetzalan (the Thurs market is smaller, the Sun market is the truly spectacular one)
The permanent market at the gorgeous city of Zacatlan is small but breathtaking. The tiny row of Marias on one side of the market structure has some of the most beautiful produce anywhere.

Re: Michoacan

Maybe we should all plan a CH Mexico Board summit for 2008. You could host in Michoacan. I would love to host in the Sierra Norte or perhaps in Veracruz. There's a restaurant just outside Cuetzalan run by Nahua women that presents traditional local fare (things like xocoyol) that I think has the potential to attain the fame and the following of the Mendozas' Tlamanalli in Teotitlan. I would love to host an organzied dinner there!!!

On market day of course!


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